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Web Design Tips

Design of your successful website follows three basic needs; color design, images and text. While not all are requirements, they are the building blocks for a successful website to engage your audience. Contrasting colors allow easy reading for most everyone. Images and text work hand in hand; some prefer pictures to capture their attention, others prefer to read the details and most will prefer both together.

Look at several websites and find designs and colors you prefer, this gives a great starting point and quick development.

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Web Development Mistakes

One of the worst mistakes is filling the background with distracting pictures or designs. If you prefer background designs over solid colors, utilize images with reduced opacitiy to keep your visitors engaged with the actual content on the web pages.

Choose text colors that heavily contrast the background they are attched to. Bright yellow text on white background is an awful combination I've seen several times. Sometimes being artistic with a text and background of the same color in slightly different shades giving a ghosting effect seems great during development but it is easily missed by quick readers and the many people people with even slight color blindness.

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Affiliate Programs

Want to make money from your website? There are many companies offereing affiliate programs online. Search for vendors offering products related to your site content first. Visitors are more likely to click on product ads if it appears you are offering the actual products. While non-related product links may entice to some visitors most will not click on them and your site will lose its professional appeal with a clutter of ads.